Our in-house team of steel freighting/metal freighting operators have many years of combined experience within this specialized field of transport and logistics.

Our way of working is charactized by personal treatment and an ability to find smart, optimal logistics solutions. Together with our partners we have developed a number of products and services that are much appreciated by cargo owners, charterers and shipping agents who are looking for an independent transport supplier for all types of raw metallic cargoes.

For all of your metal cargo enquiries please contact:

Niklas Sahlberg. tel: 0046 31 10 7386


Christer Rydin. tel: 0046 31 10 7387

G-Solutions is the agent for Coil-Tainer in the Scandinavian markets providing efficient freighting of steel coils via the well-known Coil-Tainer concept.

Using the specially designed and unique patented Coil-Tainer system, G-Solutions and Coil-Tainer together can ship bulky coils of steel, aluminum or tin in standard containers safely, efficiently and cost effectively. 

Coils are lashed and secured to specially designed cradles that slide easily and compactly into standard shipping containers.

Read more about Coil-Tainer here…