The Expansion Continues!

G-Solutions is very happy to welcome Michel Bäck to our ever expanding team in Gothenburg.

Michel is responsible for Inside Sales and can be contacted regarding any freight forwarding enquiries within air- and ocean transport.

Please Contact Michel:

Tel: +46 31 10 73 99


G-Solutions is also very happy to welcome Niklas Marmheden to our X-press Feeders team in Gothenburg.

Niklas is responsible for X-Press Feeders operations.

Please Contact Niklas:

Tel: +46 31 10 73 78

New conditions for container deliveries to west coast ports, Sweden

Please find below information about changing conditions in ports that some haulage companies operate.
Helsingborg Port (Västhamnen)
In the light of the improved situation in the port, the surcharge of SEK 450 per container delivery levied by most container transport companies (haulage companies) is removed from Monday 2017-09-11.

However some haulage companies will now implement only 30 minutes free time in the port (instead of the previous 1 hour). Time beyond 30 minutes will be charged according to current waiting time tariff/s.

Gothenburg APMT
APMT (APM Terminals) introduces a mandatory extra stop at the old ID check for checking empty import containers with APMT return. From 2017-10-01 this will be charged at SEK 250 per container and will be presented as an extra stop on the haulage companies’ invoice.

Due to worsening opening hours and long waiting times, some haulage companies will also only allow for 30 minutes free time at the port and any additional time will be charged according to the current waiting time tariff/s.

Other Ports
The same terms with 30 minutes free time will apply from 2017-09-18.

These steps are taken to ensure that haulage companies and drivers can stay competitive, continue to provide a reliable service longterm and deliver what customers require.

Extra costs encountered by Global Freight Solutions AB in relation to the above will may also be debitted to customers according to the above Changes.

For more details or with any questions please contact your transport service provider.