Effect of the continued conflict at APM Terminals – Port of Gothenburg

Global Freight Solutions once again would like to make all of our customers and suppliers aware of the impact of the ongoing port conflict at APM Terminals. The long running dispute and the current Lock-Out, imposed by APM Terminals themselves, is now resulting in major challenges for all parties in the logistical chain.

Currently there is only a small amount of cargoes that are destined for- or exported via Gothenburg, which manage to be unloaded / loaded over the dock at APM Terminals Gothenburg.

The shipping companies have so far, with different strategies, tried to solve the situation, but we are now seeing the overall effect even in the other “nearby” ports of Varberg and Halmstad. These two ports have begun to protect their existing business by refusing for further calls. The same applies to Helsingborg, which is currently operating above capacity. The port of Helsingborg has now introduced a congestion surcharge. So far, Malmö has been able to gain a lot of West Coast loads and still looks to be the solution for several shipping companies, although it will definitely vary week by week.

We would also like to point out that with immediate effect several shipping companies have begun to charge a congestion surcharge for all cargoes entering / exiting across the west coast – i.e. cargo booked to Helsingborg, Halmstad, Varberg and Malmö – will also be subject to additional costs due to the critical situation that the dispute in Gothenburg has led to. The amount introduced is $ 100 / TEU. At the present time, we can not rule out that this could also hit the east coast load as it starts to be overworked in many ways.

With all of this in mind we implement force majeure, and we must again be clear that we are in no way in a position to absorb the extra costs that now arise at extremely short notice – whether it is congestion surcharges, higher pre-carriage/road transport costs, waiting times from haulers or ground/space and equipment rents.

The haulers will charge SEK450- from 19/6 per container to ensure that they still can provide acceptable service levels. This charge will be charged on your invoice for all transports that go through the port of Helsingborg without exception.

We hope for your understanding and when back in normal mode, this expense will be immediately removed.

Helsingborg Port has announced surcharges – with information about extra handling costs for both import / export cargo as below:

Import Containers: SEK 350.

As well as shorter free time for containers in port: 3 days free afterwards.

Import: SEK 160 / teu and day.                          

Export: SEK 60 / teu and day.

We apologise for the inconveniences caused by the current situation as it appears just now throughout Sweden but this has occurred outside of our control. We will do all we can to reduce the impact to you. We will continue with all our efforts to keep your cargo moving all the way to destination with as little delay and fewer additional costs costs as possible.