APM Terminals to impose partial lockout!

APM Terminals Gothenburg will impose a partial lockout from May 19 until and including June 30, 2017, in response to industrial action. This is intended to protect the operation against the most recent threats of industrial action against the company by the Swedish Dockworkers’ Union, section 4. During the period of the lockout, APM Terminals Gothenburg will be able to offer only a limited daytime service to customers.

“We have done everything in the last year to solve the conflict with the Swedish Dockworkers’ Union, section 4, while making every effort to continue to meet our obligations towards our customers and owners. The steady deterioration in the situation cannot go on, and in order to protect the business APM Terminals Gothenburg is taking protective action against the latest series of planned industrial action”, says Henrik Kristensen, CEO of APM Terminals Gothenburg.

During the past six months, APM Terminals Gothenburg has seen productivity decline of approximately 20 percent of normal weekly capacity. This is equivalent to around 2,000 containers every week. As a consequence of this, the company has lost significant goods flows from a number of customers within the Swedish import and export industries. The terminal normally handles up to 10,000 containers per week, which represents approximately 50 percent of Sweden’s total container import and export volumes.

For over a year now, we have suffered from persistent blockades from the Swedish Dockworkers’ Union, section 4, opposing the use of overtime, use of pool workers outside daytime and recruitment of new employees. In parallel with this, we have worked with continuously high absence rates of around 25–30 percent every day. This is, of course, an unsustainable situation, as it is preventing us from running our business as our customers expect.

In 2012, APM Terminals Gothenburg was chosen by Göteborgs Hamn AB to operate Gothenburg’s container terminal being a global company with the investment capacity and expertise to develop the terminal to improve Sweden’s long-term industrial competitiveness.

We see no alternative solution to this dispute other than a withdrawal of current industrial action and entering a long-term agreement including a period of time without any industrial action. We also need an amendment of the legislation in such a way that an employer who has a Collective Bargainig Agreement (CBA) cannot be subjected to blockades or other industrial action by a trade union, who does not hold a CBA.

Best Regards

APM Terminals Gothenburg.