Problems in the Port of Gothenburg

G-Solutions is forwarding this information and important news item received from APM Terminals.

APM Terminals writes:

“We would like to provide you with another update on the situation at APMT Gothenburg, where there has been an ongoing dispute between the terminal and the Dockworkers Union, section 4 (Hamn 4).

As per the information published by the union, a total work stoppage has been announced for Tuesday, 24th January 2017 between 12.00 and 20.00. This comes on top the overtime blockade and restrictions on new recruitment already in place.

APM Terminals regrets any disruption this can cause to your business and our own customers and remain committed to minimisng this impact to the extent possible.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Ocean Carrier representatives and we will continue to inform you whenever there are important devlopments to share”.


Furthermore G-Solutions would like to add the following information received:

APMT Gothenburg had to close the terminal 11th of January 2017, due to very heavy winds. Work could only start first late in the afternoon.
Due to the overtime blockade; APMT did not have the normal opportunity to add additional the resources to clear the backlog.
In an attempt to bring down the amount of containers standing at the terminal, APMT asked shippers to gate in container max 2 days before departure, which did not have the desired effect. In addition to this APMT had two major disruptions with their gantry cranes and were also experiencing a higher absence from dock workers than normal.

Result of the above is that the productivity has dropped and the terminal now is very congested. To make things even more “interesting”, ocean vessels and feeders currently are struggling to arrive at APMT on time due to heavy winds. Due to the overtime blockade dock workers will not work over time to finish the operations.

The End result:

The berthing windows are reduced due to delayed vessels.

Productivity is down due to congestion.

APMT does not have the flexibility to work over time or to insert additional gangs.

This will create the following impact on you as a shipper:

Some carriers will immediately close acceptance for new bookings for export

Containers gated in to Gothenburg port is at shippers own risk. If rolling’s occur due to the current situation, several carriers have already indicated that they will charge storage and container rent as per tariff.

Some carriers have challenges in supplying Gothenburg with their own empty containers under the existing situation.


With any doubts, enquries or if further information is required please turn to your Carrier’s representative.

Global Freight Solutions AB