Accuracy of cargo- and container gross weights!

As mentioned earlier this year – that as from 1st July 2016, The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) through the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requires that a packed containers’ verified gross mass (VGM) is accurately reported prior to stowage aboard a ship. Any failure to report a container’s gross mass (weight) could mean that a container is refused loading aboard the target vessel or even refused entry into the required departure port if the weight is missing from the Ports’ and/or Carriers’ systems.


For the background to this implementation please read our article from January 2016 here


Please find here also information direct from APM Terminals in Gothenburg where global weighing options are planned and advised.


G-Solutions continues to collect information for the implementation of SOLAS – VGM and where possible we will continue to bring you the latest advice.
With any questions regarding SOLAS – VGM please feel free to contact our Alexander Broström:

Or call +46 31 10 73 62



Strike! – 25th May in the Port of Gothenburg

Custom Advisory from Maersk Line – The situation at the Port of Gothenburg

A strike in the Port of Gothenburg (APM Terminal) has been announced on 24th of May with an impact on vessel MSC ISTANBUL. At this point we cannot rule out more announcements of strike action affecting our scheduled calls during the coming weeks and to be prepared we are currently assessing plausible impacts and feasible solutions. We will revert with information when and if needed.

Next Steps

We have no updates on progress between the negotiating parties and we continue to work hard to be prepared for long-term impacts. We appreciate the support and understanding from you and we strive to keep a close cooperation with you throughout this situation in order to minimize impact on your business.


Port situation in Gothenburg and Sweden


Continued disruption in the Port of Gothenburg.

After the recent strikes at APM Terminal, Gothenburg and after the failed attempts to resolve the dispute during this week’s meetings, The Port of Gothenburg continues to see a large impact on operations. Delays for the movement of containers and cargo are almost guaranteed. Vessel callings and schedules continue to be affected in some cases. Read more >

New strike action! – The Transport Workers’ Union.

Better working conditions for standby workers whom currently “lack job security”! This is what the Transport Union demands to withdraw their threat of an overtime block and hiring blockades at Swedish ports.

So far strike action is planned at 6 port facilities. Shore Link in Luleå, SCA Logistics in Umeå and Sundsvall, Mälarhamnar in Västerås as well as APM Terminals and Logent Port & Terminal in Gothenburg are the six employers within the Transport Workers’ Union which have given notice of a total work stoppage.

The strikes will take place in two 24-hour cycles during Tuesdays – May 31 and June 7 – from midnight to midnight. All employers where the union has members covered will be subject to the threat of a blockade of overtime, overtime work, recruitment and hiring, a notice which shall enter into force on 28 May from midnight.

For APM Terminals Gothenburg, the new threat of a conflict is on top of the ongoing battle with the second union, The Dockworkers Union. The Dockworkers Union has for several weeks carried out a number of 24-hour strikes at the Port of Gothenburg’s container terminal. The system which APM Terminals operates accounts for about half of Sweden’s container lifting berth. The strikes have had a focus on empowerment more generally.

Now The Transport Union is “rattling it’s weapons” – this is mainly about “standby workers”. According to The Transport Union – employees who are called in at short notice (nearly a fifth of all the workforce in many ports) deserve better conditions. The union considers it unacceptable that the workers are only guaranteed pay for three hours of work.

‘The blockade move on this is designed to give the greatest effect where the practice is most common.   The more ports that rely on being able to call standby workers with precarious employment conditions, the more noticeable the layoffs will be’, says the Transport Union’s central spokesperson Peter Winsten in the union’s recent press release.

G-Solutions – Iraq-Logistic member, Sweden.

G-Solutions is your partner for transports to/from Iraq

Global Freight Solutions AB is now officially a member of the group Iraq-Logistic. Iraq-Logistic is a consortium which brings together technical expertise for providing transports to/from Iraq as well as business opportunities in this specialized country and surrounding region.

All types of transports and logistics offered

With in-house expertise G-Solutions offers a total transport service package to/from Iraq:

• Land, sea and air transports
• In-house IATA Airfreight Cargo Agent
• Cargo inspection and off-loading supervision
• Alternatives for routings
• Adhoc and urgent assistance for customs requirements
• LCL and FCL
• Overland trucking solutions
• Heavy-lift and OOG handling
• Excemption letters supervision
• Border-crossing expertise and knowledge
• Security

Please contact Annika Ahlkvist:
tel 0046 31 10 73 89

Updated Port situation in Gothenburg!

G-Solutions is forwarding the following notice directly from APM Terminal AB in the Port of Gothenburg.


Due to the extensive impact of point strikes which took place on 26 and 28 April, together with a high level of absenteeism and employee reluctance to work overtime, APM Terminals AB are forced to shut down parts of Terminal and Port operations from at. 05:30 May 9th 2016. The terminal together with the customers have not been able to adjust the plans sufficiently to the prevailing circumstances and the balance between import and export volume has not been maintained. This has affected the terminal’s fill rate and the situation escalated on Friday, which meant that all the pitches in our parks are now full to capacity. APM regret that, at short notice, drastic measures need to be taken to control the situation. APM need full focus to get the outgoing imports and exports in order to ease the pressure on the terminal.

Parts affected

The Reception Park has closed for receiving export containers from 9 May at 05.30. It is expected to reopen on May 12 05:30. Only empty chassis will be offered services at the terminal.

Empty Containers Park: open as usual.

Ships: restrictions on the flow of imports should be informed in a separate communication from each line operator.

Rail: restrictions on the flow is introduced in a separate communication from with each train operator.

Effects of additional redundancy notices
Dockworkers Union Title 4 has added further notice of two new strike on 17 and 24 May. Negotiations are underway to resolve the situation while plans are also underway to manage further disruption.

Next information session
We will return with a daily update on the state of the terminal.

Thanks for your understanding!

Port situation in Gothenburg!

G-Solutions are forwarding the following Customer Advisory direct from AMP Terminals Gothenburg AB.


Dear Customer,

After the strikes we (APM Terminals Gothenburg AB) still see a large impact on our operations. This is obviously extremely regrettable and something we try to rectify as soon as possible. We have a high density in the yard as an effect of the strike which significantly impacts the goods flow through the terminal. At the same time we also have a high absence rate among our machine operators.

We continue the discussions with the union with purpose to increase the flexibility for our customers, increase the presence among our employees, and increase the machine efficiency. Even though we have a dialogue with the unions, it will most likely unfortunately take several more days before we are back at our normal production levels. As said, this is of course extremely regrettable and we do all that is within our power so that our customers will be impacted as little as possible. With that said we need to be realistic and we ask for your continued patience.

At lunch time May 3rd, the Hamnarbetarförbundet section 4, left a new notice of strike. The first notice of strike shall enter into force on May 17th at 16.00 until May 18th at 16.00. The same approach applies to May 24th to May 25th. In addition to the strikes, the union has also left notice of an overtime blockade eight hours before and eight hours after each strike.

It is of course regrettable that we have received new notices of strike, and we realize that the actions will affect our customers in a negative way. Like last week we will of course do everything possible to keep the consequences for customers and for Gothenburg to a minimum.

If you have any questions, or if you want a status update regarding the operation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


APM Terminals Gothenburg AB