Go – Africa!

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New office in Finland for African trades

G-Solution’s new office in Finland welcomes new manager Mr Joakim Antas and his staff that are experienced in the African trades. Joakim and his team will continue to provide first class logistical and transport services for African trades. To contact Joakim please ring: 00 358 (0)40 520 0297

or email: joakim.antas@gsolutions.fi 


Business as usual for African trades

We can offer cost effective and reliable shipping solutions to all African ports. At G-Solutions Finland we will help you get your goods safely to your country whether you would like to ship a container, vehicle, truck or tractor.

We also help you with all the customs procedures and any other matter that you may need assistance with for getting your goods safely to your destination in Africa.


Contacts for your Africa trades

For all your “Africa” enquiries please Contact:
Mr Joakim Antas – tel. 00 358 (0)40 5200297
Or email: info@gsolutions.fi  

Our new office in Finland
Global Freight Solutions Oy Ltd.
Keilaranta 8, 02150 Espoo,