Customer Advisory Notice! – Low Sulphur Surcharge

New Emmission Control Area Surcharge (Europe and USA).

With effect from 1st January 2015, new EU environmental legal requirements will come into force within the Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA) of North Europe, stretching from and covering the English Channel, North Sea, Baltic Sea and North America – covering some 200 nautical miles –  from the American and Canadian coast, requiring all vessels to burn fuel with a sulphur content of not more than 0,1% (reduced from 1.0%).


Many Shipping Lines fully support this initiative to improve the environment by reducing the level of air pollution from ships. To offset the increased cost of consuming the more expensive but cleaner fuel many shipping lines are introducing a new separate ‘Emmission Control Area Surcharge’.


For further details please contact your shipping line operator, shipping agent or G-Solutions.


More information can be found here


Table of additional charges for Intra-Europe can be found here: MARPOL 2015


For information and additional charges relating to the ‘rest of the world’ are available upon request.
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Important Information – Import Tax!

We wish to alert you, our clients about the changes regarding import VAT which is now ready to take place and comes into effect on 01 Janury 2015.

From 01 January 2015 VAT (MOMS) registered companies must account for and pay import VAT to the Tax authorities (Skatteverket) instead of to the Customs authorities (Tullverket). There will be no transitional rules or exceptions. From 01 January 2015 VAT (MOMS) registered companies themselves retrieve the data from the Customs Department and based on the customs value must calculate the taxable amount for VAT (MOMS) as well as present it to the relevant Tax Agency.

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Vi vill uppmärksamma dig som vår kund på de förändringar gällande importmomsen som nu står inför dörren.

Från och med den 01 januari 2015 ska momsregistrerade företag redovisa och betala importmoms till Skatteverket i stället för till Tullverket. Det kommer inte att finnas några övergångsregler eller undantag. Från den 01 januari 2015 ska momsregistrerade företag själva hämta uppgifterna från Tullverket och utifrån tullvärdet räkna fram beskattningsunderlaget för moms samt redovisa det till Skatteverket.

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