The expansion continues!

G-Solutions is happy to welcome onboard Mr Lennart Eriksson from 03- September 2012.

Lennart will primarily work on our Break-Bulk projects and will be responsible for the several Break-Bulk Lines by our partner – The Fellowship Agency in Denmark

He will also be involved in general shipping and transport activities.

Lennart comes to us from Safe Shipping AB but has worked with many other shipping and transport companies. With a long career behind him his extensive knowledge adds yet more value and expertise to our operations department.

With the addition of Fellowship as a partner the following break-bulk carriers are therefore now part of our ever growing network portfolio.

BSLE Malta Ltd. is a break-bulk carrier which currently has 2 separate services offering monthly sailings from/to North Europe and Adriatic ports to/from ports in the Arabian Gulf and India as well as way cargo provided sufficient inducement. BSLE Malta Ltd. also accepts Shipper’s Own containers.

Contemed, UK. is a break-bulk carrier which also accepts Shipper’s Own containers. Operating a fleet of modern vessels Contemed calls ports from Northern Europe to Turkey and Egypt amongst others.

GNMTC, Tripoli is a General National Maritime Transport Company based in Tripoli and is the national shipping line of Libya.

CNAN is the National (Break-Bulk) Shipping Line of Algeria and currently offers weekly sailings from Antwerp and monthly sailings from Hamburg/Bremerhaven to many ports in Algeria and vice/versa. The service is also complemented with weekly sailings from Marseille and La Spezia to Algerian ports such as Alger and Annaba. Tonnage is 4 x break-bulk vessels. CNAN also accepts Shipper’s Own containers.

New ‘Removals’ office opens in Stockholm

Global Freight Solutions AB has now expanded it’s International Removals and Relocations Service further by opening a brand new office in Stockholm. This will offer improved contact for the East Coast and Stockholm areas for companies wishing to relocate their employees abroad or for companies wishing to bring members of it’s workforce to Sweden.

This new office will be managed by Jens Östergaard. Jens brings his vast experience in this specialized area of logistics to compliment the hugely experienced team already working out of our Gothenburg office.

For further information or for direct contact with Jens please call: +46 070 644 204 or email: