New Managing Director in Finland!

G-Solutions are very proud to announce that as from 17th August 2015 Mr Joakim Antas has become the company’s Managing Director at Global Freight Solutions Oy Ltd. in Finland.

For enquiries please contact:


As part of the expansion in Finland G-Solutions is also happy to welcome onboard Ritva Lilleberg who will be responsible for Customer Services for Global Freight Solutions Oy Ltd. in Finland.

To reach Ritva please Contact:


G-Solutions in Finland offers all transport and logistical services including; airfreight, ocean based shipping, land transport, wharehousing and general forwarding.

For general enquiries please contact:


The Finland office also operates X-press Feeder Lines to/from Finland.

For X-Press Feeder Line enquiries please send to:

New callings for Flota Suardiaz

Santander Calling!

As the Scandinavian liner agent for Spanish RoRo carrier Flota Suardiaz, G-Solutions can now offer a competitive service to the port of Santander. This weekly calling is added to the existing ports of Vigo and Barcelona in Spain.

Mostaganem and Algiers Calling!

North Europe – North Africa LINE

Flota Suardiaz will continue to service Mostaganem as part of the North Europe – North Africa LINE:

  • Emden
  • Sheerness
  • Zeebrugge
  • Santander
  • Vigo
  • Casablanca
  • Las Palmas/Tenerife
  • Mostaganem
  • Barcelona

Mediterranean LINE

Flota Suardiaz also calls Algiers as part of the Mediterranean LINE:

  • Marseille
  • Algiers
  • Mostaganem
  • Barcelona*

For more information:

G-Solutions and Fellowship

With partner Fellowship, G – Solutions continues to provide break – bulk and container shipping solutions via principle carriers; BSLE Italy, Contemed U. K. and CNAN, Algeria from Northern Europe to North Africa, the Mediterranean and Black Sea area as well as ports in the Persian/Arabian Gulf.

We are pleased to provide you with the following information:

BSLE Italy:

BSLE Italy is a break – bulk carrier accepting break –bulk/project cargo as well as shipper’s owned containers.
BSLE Italy has no own containers.

Monthly sailings are offered in 2 separate services:

Service 1.) from North Europe with normal loading ports Hamburg and Antwerp, Bilbao is served on inducement basis.

Ports In Scandinavia are also served directly – sub. inducement.

Service 2.) from Port Marghera. Italy and sub. inducement also other Adriatic/Turkish ports.

BSLE’s main destinations are the ports in the Persian/Arabian Gulf – Bandar Abbas is normally called at by all vessels, however also ports in East India and Pakistan can be served – sub. inducement.

All vessels have their own cranes and two of the vessels have lifting capacity for packages of up to 500 tons.
The vessels sail on a round trip basis, meaning cargo is being accepted both outbound and inbound.

Contemed, U. K.:

Contemed, U. K. is a break – bulk carrier accepting break – bulk/project cargo as well as shipper’s owned containers.
Contemed, U. K. has no own containers.

The main port covered by Contemed, U.K. in Northern Europe is Antwerp, but with sufficient cargo also ports in Holland. Germany and Scandinavia can be served directly.

Main markets covered by Contemed in the Mediterranean area are Turkish ports, but with sufficient cargo also ports in Marocco, from Gibraltar to the Suez Canal – and Black Sea ports can be called at directly.

Contemed usually provides 3 – 4 sailings a month.

Contemed U. K.’s owned vessels have their own cranes – usually with 2 x 60 tons lifting capacity allowing for lifting of packages of up to approx.. 110 tons.

The vessels sail on a round trip basis accepting cargo both outbound and homebound.


CNAN, Alger:

CNAN accepts break – bulk/project cargo and container shipments – CNAN offers carrier’s containers.

CNAN is in the process of expanding and has so far bought 5 reconditioned vessels – the oldest from 2012 – and before end of June an additional 3 vessels should be in service.

All vessels have own gear with minimum lifting capacity of 2 x 150 tons – or approx. 275 tons in combination.

The service pattern is presently as follows:
Antwerp/Algerian ports : approx. every 10 days.
Hamburg/Algerian ports: approx. every 3 – 4 weeks.
Leixoes, Portugal/Algerian ports: approx.. every 3 – 4 weeks.
Scandinavian ports can also be served on a direct basis – sub. inducement – and the vessels have sufficient ice class to also discharge/load in the Baltic area during normal winter time.

The vessels sail on a round trip basis and are outbound from Europe accepting cargo to Algerian ports and homebound from Algeria to Hamburg, Antwerp and Leixoes, but sub. inducement also other ports en route or to Scandinavia.

Other CNAN services are:
Marseille/Algerian ports: every week – separate service with ro/ro or lo/lo vessels
La Spezia, Italy/Algerian ports: every week – separate service with ro/ro or lo/lo vessels.

CNAN has also resumed their service to the USA – offering a sailing every 3 – 4 weeks from Algerian ports – and sub. inducement also from Italian, Spanish and Portugese ports to US East Coast and/or US Gulf ports and from US East Coast and/or US Gulf ports back to Algeria and – sub. inducement also West Mediterranean ports.

For more information on these services and others please call: +46 31 10 73 60or email:

RoRo – Tunisia

Please be aware that Flota Suardiaz’s additional vessel M/V Verona will soon call Tunisa in the port of La Goulette.

Please be informed that M/V Verona with departure from North Europe – Emden 25thFeb will make an exception call on her Southbound leg to La Goulette port in Tunisia.

RoRo-, Break Bulk / MAFI Roll Trailer suitable cargoes are all eagerly accpeted.

Vessel Schedule for those days

Feb 26th  Sheerness

Feb 27th Zeebrugge

Feb 29th Le Havre

Mar 2nd Vigo

Mar 5th Casablanca

Mar 8th  La Goulette

For enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact:

Or tel: +46 31 10 73 64

Client Advisory – Container Weighing

APM Terminals – Lifting Global Trade to new safety standards

Effective from 1st July 2016 new IMO Rules for the export of containers will require a verified weight prior to vessel loading.

APM Terminals is actively working to assist supply chain partners to comply with the new global container weighing regulations.

APM Terminals have mobilised their international and cross functional teams across the Global Terminal Network. They are assessing how each APM Terminal may be able to meet the increasing requirements of their export customers.

Safety as a driver for change: Each year, over 135 million containers enter the global supply chain – many lack accurate weight estimates – which contributes to fatal accidents and vessel stowage/stability issues. To address this, the IMO has introduced new regulations worldwide in scope, effective 1 July 2016.

APM Terminals lifting global trade: With a global port throughput of over 56 million TEUs across a network of 57 countries, APM Terminals has the potential to assist their supply chain partners in understanding and complying with the IMO rules.

APM Terminals invites supply chain partners to a solution dialogue: In the coming weeks, they are inviting supply chain partners to join a proactive dialogue to discuss compliance with the new IMO requirement. The global regulations require local solutions and APM Terminals is well located to address these for customers. They invite suppliers to join the dialogue through their social media channels or directly with their customer service teams at the local terminals.

Choice of service support: APM Terminals is currently drawing up several services which may be deployed to specific terminal locations given market demand and local trade characteristics. These may include:

  • Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Data Management Service
    APM Terminals verifies that VGM data message and valid authority code is received before loading to vessel, which may imply upgrading EDI messaging to include VGM data.
  • VGM Verification Service
    Physical verification of container weight where VGM has been declared.
  • VGM Generation Service
    Physical weighing and generation of VGM data for shipment where VGM has not been declared.

Preparations underway: New weighing capabilities, operational and data management processes are being piloted in multiple locations now. APM Terminal teams are also engaging with local authorities to understand how IMO regulations will be applied locally.

Background to the IMO regulations: The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) through the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requires that from 1st July 2016, worldwide, that a packed containers’ gross mass is verified prior to stowage aboard a ship.

  • The shipper is responsible for obtaining and documenting the verified gross mass.
  • A container can only be loaded onto a ship unless the master and terminal have obtained the verified actual gross mass of the container in advance of loading.
  • Shippers can achieve the verified gross mass in two ways:
    1) The shipper may weigh, or arrange a certified 3rd party to weigh the container, or
    2) The shipper may calculate the gross mass using a certified method accurate to the necessary tolerance levels

New callings for Flota Suardiaz’s RoRo service

Santander Calling!

As the Scandinavian liner agent for Spanish RoRo carrier Flota Suardiaz, G-Solutions can now offer a competitive service to the port of Santander. This weekly calling is added to the existing ports of Vigo and Barcelona in Spain.

Atlantic-Med Service Schedule FEB2015

Djen Djen!

Through a joint venture with Grimaldi Lines, Flota Suardiaz can now reach Djen Djen, Algeria via Salerno in Italy. All types of RoRo cargoes can be loaded in Wallhamn, Sweden and shipped to Salerno, Italy where Flota Suardiaz can then reach Djen Djen efficiently within 2 Days.

Atlantic-Med Service Schedule FEB2015

Mostaganem Calling!

Flota Suardiaz will continue to service Mostaganem in Algeria and all of their other market appreciated destinations:

  • Zeebrugge
  • Santander
  • Vigo
  • Casablanca
  • Barcelona
  • Marseille
  • Las Palmas/Tenerife
  • Mostaganem
  • Djen Djen

For more information:

APM Terminals – Pre-advising seal numbers from 01/2 – 16

A new mandatory routine was implemented 01-February 2016 for all containers passing through APM Terminals in the Port of Gothenburg, Sweden.

As of 01/2 -16 APM Terminals has updated the procedures in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Administration regarding advance notification of the sealing control and the documentation of cargo which is to be approved under the Customs’ certification AEO (Authorised Economic Operator).

The new routine came into force on 1/2 – 2016 as an interim solution in the terminal operating system CATOS, but will then become a permanent routine when APM Terminals has implemented its brand new terminal operating system at the beginning of autumn in 2016.

Who should pre-advise the seal number?

Any party that currently provides- or will provide containers and container numbers to the terminal.

How will the pre-advising of the seal number work?

A change in the terminal operating system CATOS makes the field for the Seal Number “obligatory” and the seal number must be entered here. An information box that guides you will be rendered visible in CATOS.

When will this become mandatory?

This became mandatory 01-February 2016.

What happens if I do not pre-notify the seal number?

You must report the seal number to receive your visit-code and thus the passage into the terminal.

What happens if I pre-notifiy the wrong seal number?

If the seal number shown at gate entry (ID Control) does not match the entered number in CATOS, APM Terminals will not be able to accept the container.

Where do I go if I need support?

You can initially / during the introduction – contact our Customer Service Department by Telephone: +46 (0)10-122 27 00 for support with pre-advice.

NOTE! Responsibility for advising the seal numbers in the terminal operating system is the responsibility of the party whom announces the container to the terminal and not the responsibility of APM Terminals.

For more information, please contact the Customs Administration:

Customs Information AEO / Security and Safety +46 (0)771-520 520

For APM Terminals Gothenburg AB Customer Service Telephone +46 (0)10-122 27 00

G-Solutions Finland – SAMSKIP

G-Solutions Oy Ltd. in Finland is proud to announce that it is officially the Finland Agency for SAMSKIP in Finland.


Samskip Multimodal offers transport solutions for various industries by sea, rail, road and barge to all European destinations; from Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Baltic States, Russia and Central Asia.

The combination of short sea, road, rail and barge services means Samskip Multimodal is able to deliver reliable, sustainable and cost-effective transport solutions and meet all customer requirements and preferences.

Using own equipment ranging from vessels to containers, Samskip Multimodal offers a solution for every requirement: a door-to-door service integrating collection, shipment and delivery into a seamless transport solution

The containers range in size from 20ft to 45ft pallet-wide high cube units, including reefers, curtainsiders and flat racks. The combination of high frequency sailings, a vast geographical spread and 33-pallet capacity containers offers a competitive and environmentally-friendly alternative to road transport


For more information and enquiries please contact:

Ulla Luhta
Phone: +358 45 660 4210

The Expansion Continues!

Global Freight Solutions welcomes Mr Lars Rindell to the Finland branch.

Lars joins as the New Commerical Director for Global Freight Solutions Oy Ltd. and brings with him over 25 years experience within the transport and logistics industry.

Lars will be responsible for sales and business development.

To contact Lars directly:

Tel: +358 40 501 2675


Offices closed for Mid-Summer 19th June

Due to the Scandinavian Mid-Summer celebration the offices will be closed all day on Friday 19th June.

Our offices, in Gothenburg, Stockholm (International Removals) and the new office in Finland, will all be closed.

All offices re-open for normal business hours on Monday 22nd June.