G-Solutions is an independent freight brokerage company and liner agent supplying all types of transport and logistical solutions to any business; multinational companies, smaller businesses as well as to other freight forwarders regardless of global address.
This is what we mean by "Your logistic partner from somewhere to anywhere".


Global Freight Solutions AB was established in 2006 to provide Door/Door transport and forwarding services as part of the STL Group. G-Solutions, as it quickly became known, grew from 3 people to a larger team of now 44 people spread across 3 office locations in Gothenburg and Stockholm (Sweden) and Helsinki (Finland).

With the HQ in the shipping hub of Sweden (Gothenburg), G-Solutions soon established itself throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe for worldwide transports, logistics and door to door services. The expansion continues and G-Solutions now offers; forwarding services, air freight services, international removals, liner agency services - through all types of transport modes.

Global Freight Solutions Oy Ltd. in Finland began operations in 2015 and expands the reach of G-Solution’s freight forwarding services in the entire Nordic region. G-Solutions in Finland also has other key assignments such as X-press & Transatlantic Feeders, Samskip agency work and exporting wood and pulp products from Finland.

Global Freight Solutions AB completed the purchase of a previous sister company, Enter Global Logistics AB, in January 2017. With this take over G-Solutions now provides freight forwarding services including airfreight services directly from Stockholm.

Offering ocean freight, land freight or air freight transports G-Solutions ships cargoes efficiently and safely to many destinations around the world. Customers should always be assured that there is in-house expertise for any logistic services required. G-Solutions is confident in providing the best possible solutions through the assured shipping lines, global partners and carriers that are represented.

By constantly assessing and improving our product portfolio and combining different services and partners, we optimize logistic solutions for our customers' specific needs. Through unique market knowledge, continuous dialogue and close relations, G-Solutions offer customers tailor-made logistic solutions.

We always work to find the most reliable, cost effective, environmentally friendly solution possible.