Information for customers of APM Terminals Gothenburg

G-Solutions would like to inform all those concerned by passing on the following news- and update article received from APM Terminals Gothenburg.

“We are writing to you to inform you about the latest development in the port of Gothenburg. There has been a lot written and spoken in the media the past few weeks and some of the infomation has been incorrect or questioned.

Meeting with SDU the 22nd of February.

Last week (week 08) the SDU cancelled their notice of strikes for this week and the overtime blockade, together with IDC and to sit down with APM Terminals for a meeting. The meeting did unfortunately not mean that SDA had changed their demands and as we have explained before, they (demands) are (impossible to meet) from labor laws perspective since they collide with the CBA as do all ports in Sweden which have the Swedish Transport Workers´union.

A verdict from the Swedish Labor Arbitration Court in January regarding another Swedish port with a CBA with SDU led to heavy fines and the agreement was invalidated. That SDU offers 3 months of peace if we disregard existing laws is not an option. A long term solution of the conflict will only be achieved by sitting down with the mediation institute and all stakeholders to implement a solution which is in full compliance with Swedish Law.

The capacity of the port after blockades have been lifted.

That SDU has lifted their blockade unfortunately doesn’t however mean that we are back to full capacity yet. To be able to deliver full service to our customers we need access to substitutes and even some overtime work. Since the CBA from 1974 demands that all overtime work is voluntary and with the continuously changing demands this has made the existing extra resources somewhat in-effective. On top of that we have an increase in absence from work, up to 25- 35 % in some parts of the terminal. More notices of strikes and blockades are to be expected.

Misleading facts in the media

There have been some incorrect claims in the Swedish media. For instance Liberal leader Jan Björklund claimed that the APMT has 30 % of normal capacity due to the strikes and blockades. The right number is 70 % during a blockade. He also claimed in the same opinion piece that the average salary of a dockworker at APMT is 49 527 SEK / month and quite a lot of voices were raised claiming that was wrong. We can confirm that number mentioned was the average salary for 2015 with all salary increments included.

APM Terminals has been actively participating in the urgent mediation to resolve the current labor disturbances at the Port of Gothenburg. Our goal is a long-term agreement that prevents further economic disruptions to Swedish industries and communities caused by port slow-downs and closures. We remain committed to the success of the mediation process, and to working with all stakeholders to implement a solution which is in full compliance with Swedish Law.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.”

APM Terminals Gothenburg.

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