Record numbers of Swedes moving abroad!

G-Solutions – International Removals department is busier than ever. This may be due in part to a national trend.

More and more Swedes are leaving Sweden to move to other countries. Many are immigrants who move home, but a new trend is retired people moving to the warm weather. SVT’s (Swedish Television Channel) survey shows that more countries’ immigration of Swedes is at an all-time high. Emigration is now so great that the old records from the late 1800s have been broken. At that time about 50,000 Swedes emmigrated annually – mostly to the United States. In 2015 there were approximately 56,000 Swedes who moved out of the country.

It has become easier to move and gain help with legal and practical issues. Travelling to many places has become cheaper and easier which is important for those who want to visit Sweden and who want to be visited by relatives. The Pensions Agency in Sweden paid out, in 2016, pensions to 151 900 Swedes living abroad, a historical record. This concerns people who have moved recently or who moved a long time ago.

The sharpest increase in payments applies to many countries with warmer climates such as Malta, Thailand and Portugal.

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