Flota Suardiaz now calling Tangiers!

As the Nordic agency for the Spanish RoRo Carrier Flota Suardiaz, G-Solutions is happy to announce that Flota Suardiaz is now calling the port of Tangiers, Morocco – currently on a weekly basis (from Zeebrugge).

This new calling is serviced by most of the vessels covering the N. Europé -> N. Africa Line.

Callings on-route include; Zeebrugge, Santander, Vigo, Casablanca, The Canary Islands and Mostaganem.

With a current daily roro-feeder service from Gothenburg to Zeebrugge, G-Solutions offers a competitive RoRo package to Iberia, North Africa and the Mediterranean.

Flota Suardiaz RoRo vessels are equiped to carry all types of rolling cargoes; self-drivables, high and heavy machinery, MAFI/Roll Trailer suitable cargo, cars, trucks and deck-suitable smaller statics.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact:


or call: +46 31 10 73 64/65


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