Port situation in Gothenburg and Sweden


Continued disruption in the Port of Gothenburg.

After the recent strikes at APM Terminal, Gothenburg and after the failed attempts to resolve the dispute during this week’s meetings, The Port of Gothenburg continues to see a large impact on operations. Delays for the movement of containers and cargo are almost guaranteed. Vessel callings and schedules continue to be affected in some cases. Read more >

New strike action! – The Transport Workers’ Union.

Better working conditions for standby workers whom currently “lack job security”! This is what the Transport Union demands to withdraw their threat of an overtime block and hiring blockades at Swedish ports.

So far strike action is planned at 6 port facilities. Shore Link in Luleå, SCA Logistics in Umeå and Sundsvall, Mälarhamnar in Västerås as well as APM Terminals and Logent Port & Terminal in Gothenburg are the six employers within the Transport Workers’ Union which have given notice of a total work stoppage.

The strikes will take place in two 24-hour cycles during Tuesdays – May 31 and June 7 – from midnight to midnight. All employers where the union has members covered will be subject to the threat of a blockade of overtime, overtime work, recruitment and hiring, a notice which shall enter into force on 28 May from midnight.

For APM Terminals Gothenburg, the new threat of a conflict is on top of the ongoing battle with the second union, The Dockworkers Union. The Dockworkers Union has for several weeks carried out a number of 24-hour strikes at the Port of Gothenburg’s container terminal. The system which APM Terminals operates accounts for about half of Sweden’s container lifting berth. The strikes have had a focus on empowerment more generally.

Now The Transport Union is “rattling it’s weapons” – this is mainly about “standby workers”. According to The Transport Union – employees who are called in at short notice (nearly a fifth of all the workforce in many ports) deserve better conditions. The union considers it unacceptable that the workers are only guaranteed pay for three hours of work.

‘The blockade move on this is designed to give the greatest effect where the practice is most common.   The more ports that rely on being able to call standby workers with precarious employment conditions, the more noticeable the layoffs will be’, says the Transport Union’s central spokesperson Peter Winsten in the union’s recent press release.

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