Updated Port situation in Gothenburg!

G-Solutions is forwarding the following notice directly from APM Terminal AB in the Port of Gothenburg.


Due to the extensive impact of point strikes which took place on 26 and 28 April, together with a high level of absenteeism and employee reluctance to work overtime, APM Terminals AB are forced to shut down parts of Terminal and Port operations from at. 05:30 May 9th 2016. The terminal together with the customers have not been able to adjust the plans sufficiently to the prevailing circumstances and the balance between import and export volume has not been maintained. This has affected the terminal’s fill rate and the situation escalated on Friday, which meant that all the pitches in our parks are now full to capacity. APM regret that, at short notice, drastic measures need to be taken to control the situation. APM need full focus to get the outgoing imports and exports in order to ease the pressure on the terminal.

Parts affected

The Reception Park has closed for receiving export containers from 9 May at 05.30. It is expected to reopen on May 12 05:30. Only empty chassis will be offered services at the terminal.

Empty Containers Park: open as usual.

Ships: restrictions on the flow of imports should be informed in a separate communication from each line operator.

Rail: restrictions on the flow is introduced in a separate communication from with each train operator.

Effects of additional redundancy notices
Dockworkers Union Title 4 has added further notice of two new strike on 17 and 24 May. Negotiations are underway to resolve the situation while plans are also underway to manage further disruption.

Next information session
We will return with a daily update on the state of the terminal.

Thanks for your understanding!

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