Port situation in Gothenburg!

G-Solutions are forwarding the following Customer Advisory direct from AMP Terminals Gothenburg AB.


Dear Customer,

After the strikes we (APM Terminals Gothenburg AB) still see a large impact on our operations. This is obviously extremely regrettable and something we try to rectify as soon as possible. We have a high density in the yard as an effect of the strike which significantly impacts the goods flow through the terminal. At the same time we also have a high absence rate among our machine operators.

We continue the discussions with the union with purpose to increase the flexibility for our customers, increase the presence among our employees, and increase the machine efficiency. Even though we have a dialogue with the unions, it will most likely unfortunately take several more days before we are back at our normal production levels. As said, this is of course extremely regrettable and we do all that is within our power so that our customers will be impacted as little as possible. With that said we need to be realistic and we ask for your continued patience.

At lunch time May 3rd, the Hamnarbetarförbundet section 4, left a new notice of strike. The first notice of strike shall enter into force on May 17th at 16.00 until May 18th at 16.00. The same approach applies to May 24th to May 25th. In addition to the strikes, the union has also left notice of an overtime blockade eight hours before and eight hours after each strike.

It is of course regrettable that we have received new notices of strike, and we realize that the actions will affect our customers in a negative way. Like last week we will of course do everything possible to keep the consequences for customers and for Gothenburg to a minimum.

If you have any questions, or if you want a status update regarding the operation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


APM Terminals Gothenburg AB

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